Setting the Table

Lifetime Friendships


Lifetime friendships form the real church.  Anything else is a crowd or an event.

Greater love has no one than this to lay down one’s life for a friend.  John 15:14

Throughout two thousand years of history there have been many things that have been called ‘the church’.  Buildings, wars, rallies, crusades, organizations, political regimes, clusters of political/social groups which would unite together to protect their cultural identity, liberals and conservatives, armies and social organizations, tax loop hole people, etc. However, none of those are the bride of Christ or the body of Christ.

As my grandpa used to say, “You can’t climb the ladder of success by using the church.”  The church is about humility, service, authenticity, sacrifice, joy, family, and reaching out to others that are not like your group. A huge crowd is not a church, a beautiful building with gold ceilings is not a church, scholastic degrees do not make a church, nor does a wonderful success story make a church.  A church is when Jesus is present and it is apparent by the love.  It’s when we are friends not slaves.

When my wife, Jackie, and I started Washington Cathedral we made a radical commitment that we expect to honor.  We knew it would not be easy. It fact it would require crazy love.  You’re friends for the rest of our lives.  I’ve turned down a lot of great job opportunities to honor those words.

Those roots mean something, especially to the kids and the senior adults in our community, and we couldn’t quit loving the people of Washington Cathedral even if we tried.  Throughout the years it has meant early morning hospital visits, all nights of prayer, late evening counseling appointments, and middle of the night emergencies. And for many more years it will continue to mean meeting people for coffee to encourage them, praying three hours a day for every friend, attending kids’ games, visiting people in jail, and having friends stay at our home with us. Through all these things we reach out with Christ's love.

I was recently talking to one of the sharp young people who grew up in our church and tumbling out of me came, “I so appreciate your ministry.  You are a valued to friend to Jackie and I.  You always seem to have our back.  I know God has great things ahead for you.”  Those words came from a deeper place in my heart than I knew existed.

Last week, I shared the vision of the church and shared a quote from Mother Theresa, “We don’t get clarity as much as we get trust.”  I trust that our church family will continue to focus on healthy life long friendships as we try to live up to being a great caring network or as the Bible calls it the Body of Christ.

Your friend for the rest of my life,

Pastor Tim White

Serve Your City


There’s an old African proverb that says, “If you want to fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” I’ve tried to always remember of this when sitting down to craft a vision for ministry. CDVYtssUgAIEume.jpg-largeWhy? Because its true.

Most of us can take matters into our own hands to get things done. But the impact will most likely be minimal and brief. Lasting impact and legacy happens when people work together for the common good of the vision. This is called a movement. Movements change neighborhoods. Movements influence generations. Movements are energizing!

This past weekend, we announced our vision for outreach and some of the Serve Your City details. If you missed it, make sure to catch the video!

Think of how we could influence our community with the love of Jesus if families joined together to serve their city. Small groups serving together. Friends, kids and teens within Washington Cathedral serving together. The possibilities are amazing!

The vision of Washington Cathedral has always been about Jesus and making a LASTING impact in our community for the Kingdom of Heaven. This isn’t going to change, so I’d say, let go together in this mission, so that our church can go far!

Grace and Peace.

Pastor Rex

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A Taste of Community


Outside of being a little baby, there isn’t a stage in life where having friends isn’t important. As a boy, I can remember “exploring” with my friends in the woods, or riding our bikes all over the neighborhood in search of things to do. FriendshipWhen I was a teenager, my friendships seemed to mean the world to me. I wanted to spend as much time possible hanging out with them, watching movies, playing basketball, or talking girls. Some of those friends are still close to me today!

Now as a married adult with 4 children and a busy work schedule, I find myself with fewer close friends, yet their value has grown exponentially. I couldn’t possibly be the person I am today, without their constant loyalty, love and support.

The Bible is full of stories of friendship. David and Jonathan, Paul and Timothy are a couple that stand out to me as I ponder the importance of not doing life alone. These were friends who helped carry each other through very difficult times, yet celebrated well, too when life seemed victorious. That’s when you know you have “community” in your life. People who genuinely share all the ups and downs of your life with...

In Hebrews chapter 10, we as the Church are encouraged to “spur one another on in love and to good deeds”... Think about that word “spur” for a moment. How might you be able to spur a fellow believer this week in love? A phone call? An encouraging letter? Maybe a hug?

This is an important season for us at Washington Cathedral. We need each other! We need to show our community what genuine faith looks like within a people of genuine friendships! What a great witness we could be!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Rex

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The Vision of Worship


Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy. Exodus 20:8 But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. John 4:23

PROACTIVELast week as we began the series “Setting the Table,” we began to share the excitement the church feels as we develop our vision for the next ten years.  We are not going to be reactive to life but proactive. So we are listening for God’s vision as we find our place at the table for one of the most exciting conversations of our lives.

What will your life look like in the year 2025?  Will they discover a pill to make everyone one of us slim, young and athletic with heads full of hair?

No one knows what the future holds.  We can see the problems, which we hear about every day.  But do we see God’s love and power and how he wants to work through us?

We are going to be dreaming about improving our worship at Washington Cathedral in amazing ways.  As the word of God says in John. “The Father is seeking those who will worship in him in Spirit and Truth. “

  1. How do we make worship a non-entertainment event and yet pursue excellence?
  2. How do we experience the power of the Spirit of God in worship and yet remember that Christ is over culture and our many congregations will worship God with different culture and languages?
  3. How do we grow deep in the truth of God’s word so we are not confused in a shallow understanding of Jesus so that people can grow up strong and put down deep roots?
  4. How do we make worship like Jesus wants it – reaching out to the least of these in our area showing them the grace and friendship we have found in Christ?
  5. How do we launch multiple campuses with many language and cultural groups throughout our area?
  6. How do we teach people to be free to be the people that God created and loves so much, without looking down their nose in superiority turning our Holy worship into a political club?

The questions can go on and on and they will.  Because we are determined to teach people how they can have a seat at the table and engage in our community in the exciting vision we have for the future.

Your friend for the rest of my life,

Pastor Tim White