A Taste of Community


Outside of being a little baby, there isn’t a stage in life where having friends isn’t important. As a boy, I can remember “exploring” with my friends in the woods, or riding our bikes all over the neighborhood in search of things to do. FriendshipWhen I was a teenager, my friendships seemed to mean the world to me. I wanted to spend as much time possible hanging out with them, watching movies, playing basketball, or talking girls. Some of those friends are still close to me today!

Now as a married adult with 4 children and a busy work schedule, I find myself with fewer close friends, yet their value has grown exponentially. I couldn’t possibly be the person I am today, without their constant loyalty, love and support.

The Bible is full of stories of friendship. David and Jonathan, Paul and Timothy are a couple that stand out to me as I ponder the importance of not doing life alone. These were friends who helped carry each other through very difficult times, yet celebrated well, too when life seemed victorious. That’s when you know you have “community” in your life. People who genuinely share all the ups and downs of your life with...

In Hebrews chapter 10, we as the Church are encouraged to “spur one another on in love and to good deeds”... Think about that word “spur” for a moment. How might you be able to spur a fellow believer this week in love? A phone call? An encouraging letter? Maybe a hug?

This is an important season for us at Washington Cathedral. We need each other! We need to show our community what genuine faith looks like within a people of genuine friendships! What a great witness we could be!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Rex

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