Saturday 5:30pm

Spirit Falls

A smaller more intimate experience.

Kids Classes Available

Sunday 9:30am

Spirit Falls

A mix of traditional & contemporary. Featuring the Choir.

Kids Classes Available

Sunday 11:00am


A more casual and modern worship experience.

Youth and kids ministries for kids ages newborn through high school.

We are on a mission:

to build the greatest caring network the world has ever seen by reaching people with a life-changing faith in Jesus Christ using a gentle, encouraging approach. 

Values: God has called us to help those outside of the church to develop a dynamic walk with Him through ministries which serve as forums to heal hurts and to launch great and beautiful dreams to heal some of the world’s hurts.


UP (loving God)

a. Jesus-centered: Although he walked the earth 2000 years ago, Jesus still provides the best model of how to live life. Our desire is that people would follow Jesus as their king, learn from him as teacher, and experience him as savior.
b. Word: One of the ways in which God speaks to us today is through his word—the Holy Scriptures. The church is informed and directed by his word, and our goal is that every believer would learn how to hear from God through his word. 
c. Worship is our opportunity not only to tell God how great he is, but to sense his presence as we sing praises together in community. Each person worships in their own style, but we do as authentically ourselves, and leave encouraged.  
d. Prayer is such a wonderful way to experience God in the everyday; it is in prayer that we hear and respond to God. Through prayer God directs us and molds our hearts and lives. Both individual and corporate prayer are fundamental to everything that we do and everything that we are.


OUT (impacting the world)

a. Church for everyone: we are called both to those who have grown up in churches and to those who would never dream of stepping inside the doors of a church in a million years! This has been our heritage and continues to be our mission (Matt 9:12)
b. Out to change the world: Child trafficking, families scavenging in garbage dumps, communities broken by methamphetamine addictions, crippling psychological illnesses…the world is in desperate need of the in-breaking of God’s Kingdom. God’s answers to the problems of the world is the church, alive, active, and mobilized to be his agents of change. 
c. Servant-approach: when we seek to help others we begin with the simple question: how can I help? Our church takes a servant approach to care for our community and world and expects nothing in return.
d. Walking in the Spirit, reliance on miracles: We are attentive to God’s voice and direction, witness the power of God on a regular basis, and rely on God to be the one to enact miracles and create change.


IN (growing together)

a. Impacted by the Good News. The gospel of Jesus Christ really is good news for us today. Communities form as people hear and believe the message of Jesus, that the Kingdom of God is right at-hand and available to all. Since God has showered so much un-merited favor on us; we in turn cannot help but dispense grace on others.
b. Diverse family: God cares deeply for every single person, no matter their background or place along the journey…and he calls us to do likewise. Thus, we are intentional about building a community of life-long friendships that reflects the beautiful diversity of God’s kingdom.
c. Growing into Christ-likeness. God accepts us as we are, but he loves us too much to leave us that way. We grow together as we learn to model ourselves after the life of Jesus. The main vehicle that we use for spiritual formation is the methodology of discipleship, modeled by Jesus.
d. Inclusive, team-work methodology: Collaborative leadership teams are chosen by evidence of the Holy Spirit’s work in a person’s life and ministry. We believe that God calls leaders of every gender, race, and educational background (Galatians 3:28). Additionally, our team-work approach allows each person to work in their area of gifting.