All weekend services now take place in the lower, green building on campus.

Saturday 5:30pm

Spirit Falls

A smaller more intimate experience.

Kids Ministry Available

Infants-12 Grade

Sunday 10:30am

Spirit Falls

A service blended with contemporary
and a touch of traditional.

Youth and kids ministries for kids ages
newborn through high school.

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We are on a mission: to build the greatest caring network the world has ever seen. How? By having authentic friendships with people and sharing how Jesus is changing our lives. Our caring network of people looks like getting to know the names of our neighbors, building friendships with the homeless and others who feel on the outside, offering free tutoring for kids on the Eastside, building a school for orphans in Kenya and Honduras, or simply bringing by a pot of soup for a friend who is sick… all in the name of Jesus. His love is healing and transforming us and he can work miracles in your life too!

Values: At Washington Cathedral, you will see quickly that we treat all people with dignity, respect, and kindness. God has called us to help those outside of the church to develop a real relationship with Jesus. We believe Jesus is God and that we can sense his presence and listen to his leadership in our lives. We also value learning and intelligence and welcome conversations with all people from all perspectives and backgrounds. We love God’s word. We see God speak through it and change people’s lives all the time. We aim to be a church where you can be yourself and find healing for your real hurts.

Unique traits of Washington Cathedral: Washington Cathedral embraces people from all cultural backgrounds and walks of life. This is best seen through our meta-church model. We are made up of little churches that all worship Jesus in their own unique cultural way.

Main Worship times: Saturday 5:30 pm, Sunday 1o:30 am

Other Congregational Worship Services:

Korean New Korean Community Church, Sundays 1pm

Native American Four Winds, Sunday 1 pm 

Where we came from: Pastors Tim and Jackie White started our church in 1984 in Lake Washington High School. Preaching the love of Jesus for all people, the church soon grew. Pastor Tim is a third-generation pastor. His grandfather was Methodist, his father non-denominational, and our church is interdenominational.

Where we are going: Looking into the future we will continue to build a great caring network of people, meeting practical needs and real hurts in a loving way. We will continue to care for orphans across the world. We will continue to share the good news of Jesus Christ with our friends, family, community, and world.

Can I come if? Can I come if I’m dealing with an addiction? Yes. Can I come if I’m divorced? Yes. Can I come if I’m a teenager? Yes. Can I come if I’m dealing with mental illness? Yes. Can I come if I’m an atheist? Yes. Can I come if I’m a Muslim? Yes. Can I come if I have a special needs child? Yes. Basically, just know, we are yes, yes, and yes to you and your family.