The End of the Old and the Beginning of the New

by Pastor Tim White

That is what “Agape,” God’s kind of love, represents. Last Sunday was a great day. Right after our 11 AM worship we headed out with all the kids and their parents to travel up, around, down and through the beautiful Sammamish valley to my secret fishing hole set back in the woods. And if you want specific directions it is just south of Canada, just West of Idaho, just north of Oregon and just east of the Pacific Ocean. In other words, it is somewhere in Washington. As I approached the keeper of my secret fishing hole, he said, "get your group around so I can go over the rules." A mass of kids and parents surrounded the kindly man and his wife. He pointed at me and said, “whoever this is - your grandpa, uncle, dad, pastor or friend he will be helping you.” I was massed by a joyful onslaught of sharp young parents, cute kids full of mischief, and trout being caught by tiny ones who didn’t need any lessons - they just needed someone to take the fish off the end of the hook. Many of the kids and young families I was just getting to know. One of the kids came up to me and said, “you smell like fish.” It was a delightful day (although I think I still smell like fish) and what a joy to get to know so many young families in our church.

This week as we study the word “Agape” through the New Testament. We are learning to be very intentional about how we impact the lives of the people God has positioned us near and we are looking for an action step. After studying God’s Love (“Agape” in the Greek), I wanted to name this message “Love is a Verb.” I looked that title up and there must be a 100 books and essays with the same title. Jackie tells me there is a DC Talk song called “Love is a Verb.” (But I wouldn’t know because I am too young to know that group.) But in studying the context of “Agape” in all the Gospels I like the idea of the “End of the Old and the Beginning of the New.” It matches the force of Jesus’ message in the gospels.

We kicked off our Small Groups this week and it was great to see all the new people trying out the Tender Loving Care groups. The discussion in my Diamonds in the Rough TLC was insightful to me. The main point being it is easier to say “love your neighbor” than it is to actually love your neighbor. What a resource our church family is when we look at a revolutionary concept like this. Our church was founded on Showing People a Love They Cannot Resist. Now how do we do it better? After all these years and all the experts God has placed in our congregation, we really should be able to put together a new and improved strategy on loving the people in our lives.

Please join me this weekend. Your attendance really makes a difference.

Your friend for the rest of my life,

Pastor Tim White