By Pastor Tim White

It’s a brand-new Fall season. The kids are excited to go back to school. New sports are beginning. Leaves are changing color and people are starting to wear jackets. It is Autumn 2018, and we are preparing for the greatest year in the history of Washington Cathedral. I love my life-long friends at our church home. And I would not trade places with any other pastor at any other time than to be here, right now, and ready to tackle the next adventure facing us as a church.

We are out to spread the revolution of Jesus Christ’s love and grace. Jesus said, I am the vine and you are the branches and any branch that remains in him will bear good fruit. When Jackie and I met with Pope Francis’ Ambassador, Dr. Carlos Avila, he shared with us that this was going to be the strategy of the Roman Catholic Church to change the world. To motivate their people to befriend as many people as possible and build a life-long relationship with them using the power of God to help them take another step on their spiritual journey.

How intentional are you about pouring your life into your children, your neighbors, your in-laws, the people you work next to, or play sports with? Well, get ready to kick things into gear for a great adventure and really getting some traction. Together we are studying Agape in the New Testament. This week, we look at Matthew where Jesus tells us that God’s love teaches us to view everyone as a neighbor - even our enemies. And how we are supposed to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Some churches, such as the Friends Church, call everyone their friend because of Jesus Christ. I like that. But we are also supposed to treat everyone as our neighbor. The music will be better than ever. There is a barbecue in between services. Jackie and I are taking all the kids in the church to my secret fishing hole, the trout farm. It is going to be a brand-new beginning. Won’t you join us?

Your neighbor for the rest of my life,

Pastor Tim White

P.S. I have a dream of how we, as a church, can double in growth this year 2018-2019. Come hear this exciting dream from its beginning.