Spring Into Life! By Pastor Tim White

Memorial Day was a great day.  We were having a salmon barbecue with our family where many of us were sitting around the table talking, when I spied, coming around the corner, my 3-year old grandson, Oscar.  He has such enthusiasm at family get-togethers.  He burst into the dining room and with a big smile and his mountain-man voice asking – “What are you doing guys?”

That is what so many people want to know of Christ-followers.  They are not so concerned with what we choose not to do, but they want to know what it is we are doing.  Is it life or routine?  Is it a pain or a joy?  This weekend I have the privilege to share about the life we choose.  This is how St. John writes it in his 1st epistle about how we can know that we know that we have eternal life.  And this knowledge can help us to be better at taking people from the point of faith that God has already brought them to, to where God is leading them.

This is such a practical lesson from 1 John. It is the over-riding theme of the book.  Please join me - I know you will be glad that you did.

 Your friend for the rest of my life,

 Pastor Tim White