Children of Encouragement - By Pastor Tim White

Children of Encouragement

 Some of us get a lot of mileage off just a moment of encouragement.  I make no apology that I love to read or listen to encouraging material.  I find that, when I am encouraged, I get about my business of encouraging everyone around me.  I have also made it no secret that I would have not been able to accomplish anything in my life if it wasn’t for God and his people who have gone out of their way to encourage me all these years.  It is always surprising, always helpful, and always leaves me wanting to praise Jesus Christ for directing that person who invested their time to encourage me.  We all have plenty of self-appointed discouragers, but there are also a few encouragers in our lives.  They are golden for our souls.

 This week is not a series but a single message that the Spirit of God has put on my heart.   And I guarantee that nothing will encourage you like the Word of God.  If you need encouragement, and you need to be prayed for, surrounded by positive people who care for you, then meet me this weekend for a very encouraging message.

Your friend for the rest of my life,

Tim White