The Strength of God!

by Pastor Tim White

This Summer is Sweet!

I love the summer time as a pastor.  Worship services seem to be extra special and the Spirit of God working is extra sweet.  And sitting in an air-conditioned sanctuary looking at our beautiful water-fall with great music and positive message is just uplifting.  I know attendance drops in the summer as people go on much needed vacations.  But also, more new people come who are looking for a church family to call home.  And I have noticed through the years that whether it is a small group or a youth ministry or a singles ministry event, on those weeks that attendance dips down something beautiful happens.  You get a chance to talk to people you normally might not have a chance to chat with before.  And God’s spirit is always up when we are down.  I could sense it last week as Pastor Michael was preaching for me (because I had a wedding) I was just blessed!  The happy-hour in between services really is fun.  People putting together puzzles, playing games and enjoying fellowship in the shade on a beautiful day. Yes, summers are tough for any non-profit to survive, but underneath it all God’s work is thriving not just surviving.

 This Weekend is Going to be Super!

 Please join me this week as I speak on the Strength of God.  If there was ever a time in history that we need strength of endurance, strength of character, strength to dream, strength of integrity, strength of purpose - it is today.   We need Godly strength in our lives, in our church, our nation and our world. And this week I will be telling the story of Samson – I think my story is better than the movie!  I have been practicing all my life for this week’s sermon.  You might even want to bring your kids or grandkids to see and experience this soulful story.  I have special effects ready to assist me.  And our staff is praying that there are going to be some strong people of faith that will emerge after this weekend.  So please join in.  Wouldn’t it be a great lift if attendance jumped up this week in July as we, as a church, wait to experience heroic, Godly strength from the very Spirit of God.  We will see you Saturday at 5:30pm, Sunday at 9am or 11am.  We need you.

 Let’s Rally as a Church Family this Weekend!

Your friend for the rest of my life,
Pastor Tim White