God is Good!

By Pastor Michael Fernandez

I think Gideon is a lot like me.  This is Pastor Michael and I have the privilege of bringing the message this week that is entitled “God is Good”.  Pastor Tim asked me to share the story of Gideon. What an exciting opportunity to share this saga of one of the greatest heroes in the Bible.  It was Gideon who became Judge over Israel and led the defeat of the mighty Midianites and Amalekites who were invading their land.  Gideon sets the pace as an inspired Special Forces leader and he was also an analyzer like me.  My degree at the University of Washington was in Electrical Engineering and I worked in that field for the first half of my life until Pastor Tim called me into ministry many years ago. 

The odds were impossible, so I guess anyone would be an analyzer.  Gideon was hiding out from this army just like the rest of Israel.  He was full of hesitancy at first, but finally just burst forth in bold action. He defiantly cut down the altar to Baal - which started a war. Gideon wanted to make sure that God was going to be on his side, so we have this story of him putting out a fleece just to make sure.  He knew the odds so, for those of us who tend to simmer over allaying situations, we find we can associate with Gideon; and that is the beauty of Bible stories.  We can see ourselves in some part of these real people’s lives.  Please join me as I share from my heart a message that is touching my soul.  It is an incredible upset by Gideon and his Special Forces, but it teaches us a lot about life.