The Summer of Families and Children

By Pastor Tim White

See I am doing a new thing - Isaiah 43:19 KJV

This summer we are doing some exciting new things.  All of it starts Sunday, June 10th. We are going to celebrate the birthdays of each child and have them come to the front to receive a present and a prayer of blessing on their life from the Pastor. 

We are moving both of our English-speaking Sunday Worship Services down to the beautiful Spirit Falls - which we are going to continue to refurbish.  There are so many things that we can’t do in the Recreation Center, such as let the kids play with side-walk chalk. So, even though we still have use of the Recreation Center, we are moving the Services down to the spectacular Spirit Falls Sanctuary. It makes it twice as easy for our set-up and clean-up crews.  And the music package will be the same in both services including Choir and extended Praise Band.  The sermons are going to be 20 minutes (during the summer) as the Pastors tell the greatest stories ever told from the Bible.  And we are going to introduce what Pastor Jackie calls our “Happy Hour”.  That is an hour of fellowship between the two services built around picnic tables with snacks and games (lots of games) and a great happy-hour of friendship available to the people attending each service.  

On Sunday, June 10th, the 9:30am Worship time is being changed to 9:00am. This will give families a chance to worship and have the whole day to enjoy.  And it will solve traffic problems.

The 11:00am service will continue at 11:00am but will move to Spirit Falls Sanctuary.

Pastor Josh and his dedicated team are going to turn the Olympic Room into an Upper Room or Youth Center.

All the other services will continue as before, with a slight change of location. The Vine Brazilian Church will be worshipping on Sunday evening remaining in Spirit Falls building.  Many churches, like this young, exciting congregation, find that Sunday night is a real attraction for young people because Saturday night is the new Friday night so many young people like to sleep in on Sunday mornings if they have been out late Saturday night.

This weekend Pastor Linda is preaching, concluding our series on Encouragement from Wisdom Literature, as she shares from the Book of Proverbs - Chapter 2 on Hidden Treasures.  Come join us at our old times and locations – Saturday night 5:30 pm in Spirit Falls, Sunday morning 9:30 am in Spirit Falls and Sunday morning at 11:00 am in the ReCreation Center.

We have so many plans and if you have any questions please call or email us at 425.869.5433 or   Washington Cathedral is alive and constantly on the move and I am excited about the new things God is doing in our midst.

Your friend for the rest of my life,

Pastor Tim White