I was an orphan, so I will care for orphans

11x17poster-page-0As we celebrated Orphan Sunday this past weekend, we came to two powerful conclusions:

  • I was an orphan, but I was adopted
  • I was an orphan so I will care for orphans

Our first conclusion is based the idea that we are all prodigal children separated from our Heavenly Father. But as Galatians 4:4-5 tell us, Jesus redeems us making adoption possible. This is the gospel message.

 The second conclusion is where we are praying our church can lead the way. In our broken world there are vulnerable children who don’t know that Jesus promised to adopt them. So as a great caring network, we all have a role in loving the least of these. So the question is, how will you care for orphans? Locally and globally?

 Here are some ideas:

- Come on a mission trip to serve on the frontlines.

- Plugging in to our student ministries or kids ministries as volunteer.

- Getting your TLC involved in global orphan care.

- Sponsoring/supporting some of the projects are church has partnered with.

- Taking time as a family to pray for the global orphan crises.