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You are never old, as long as you have a new dream!


Written by Pastor Tim White Every morning when I say “Jambo Jesus” or “Hello Jesus” – I recognize your presence, Jesus, I am struck by a new dream. Someone to call on, a ministry to launch, enthusiasm to work on a problem, excitement about spending time with someone I really care about. Every morning God makes life new.

Last week as I was speaking at our community meeting I explained how we are pouring ourselves into reaching the next generation for Jesus Christ and it is working. I explained that with Pastor Rex Hamilton as executive pastor assigned to reach young families; Pastor T.J. Meaney building praise teams to reach the young and not so young; Pastors Ben McCary and Josh Zappone reaching and engaging high schoolers and middle schoolers; Pastor Becca McCary connecting with 3rd through 5th graders; and Janette Backlund running her innovative programs to reach young children - that we have a great team.

Joel 2:28

Pastor Rey Diaz is accepting our call to be our global pastor and represent us around the world. We look forward to each time he returns, hearing him share his heart from the pulpit.

Then, someone asked me the question that has been asked before, “What about the not so young? What are we doing to reach those important people?” Well I am glad you asked. We have a young dynamic minister named Pastor Linda Skinner, a youthful Vietnam War vet named Pastor David Gerzsenye, an amazing pastor named Michael Fernandez, a talented and young musical genius named Rhonda Jones, a beautiful pastor named Jackie White (I can say that because she is my wife). All of them working hard to reaching this age.

The church also has little old me, who is about ready to explode with enthusiasm for life and the opportunity to dream big and beautiful dreams with Jesus Christ. That part of our team is not too shabby either. We are refreshing our ministries, launching our church anew and there is no shortage of excitement as we try and build a great caring network.

After the meeting, one of my heroes, Colonel Erskine Austin, came up to talk to me and said, “If Pastor Rex needs any advice or sounding board on being an executive pastor please let him know that I am there to help.” Erskine did that job for 10 years – and I smiled as I said, “That is a great encouragement.”

So we are off to the races and I feel like I have the butterflies of a quarterback getting ready for the greatest season of his life.

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Signing Russell Wilson

Written by Pastor Tim White

Timothy, my son, here are my instructions for you, based on the prophetic words spoken about you earlier. May they help you fight well in the Lord’s battles. 1 Timothy 1:18

Every Seahawks fan is rooting for the day we sign quarterback Russell Wilson to a new contract. We can feel blessed that he is a good role model for our young people, and that he is an incredible quarterback -all 5’10 ½ of him. We look forward to Super Bowl games yet to come, if we can sign Russell Wilson.

Washington Cathedral has signed our Russell Wilson in pastor Rex Hamilton. Not only is he a graduate of Northwest University and a college basketball player but he is a disciple of pastor Fulton Buntain at Life Center who has been one of the greatest mentors in my life. The DNA of Life Center is very close to the DNA of Washington Cathedral.

Rex HamiltonPastor Rex will be serving as an executive pastor here. We are so excited to welcome his wife Christalle and his four children Cade age 11, Mason age 9, Taylor age 6, and Brooklyn age 3.

He will be taking over Pastor Rey Diaz's job as executive pastor, coaching the staff of Washington Cathedral and working directly under Pastor Tim as the second in command. Pastor Rey is going to assume the position of global outreach pastor at Washington Cathedral as he leads our ministry around the world. He will be stationed at Dallas, Texas and working as an employee of Orphan Outreach. He will return and join us at least twice a year to preach at Washington Cathedral.

Pastor Rex will join the preaching team to help us provide a great smorgasbord of fine biblical preaching every week at this great caring network. He will be directly responsible for small groups and the conception of the contemporary service at 11 aimed at reaching young families. It is going to be a great year to reach young families at Washington Cathedral!

Josh_ZapponeAt the same time the parents of Middle Schoolers have moved to pay Josh Zappone part time to be our Middle School pastor. Josh just graduated from Northwest University this Spring and has been working along with pastor Ben McCary who works with High School students – together they are building an amazing cutting edge youth ministry.

Bringing on Rex Hamilton and Josh Zappone is our very own exciting addition to the championship team at Washington Cathedral team!

Christmas Experience


Do you remember what it was like to wake up on Christmas morning as a child? Your eyes pop open: it's Christmas! You glance outside: it snowed!! The soft padding of your slippered feet as you dash into the living room: Santa came! Christmas is meant to be experienced, with sights and sounds and smells that burn the moment into your memory for years to come...A visceral experience that ignites the hope God intends for each of us.

On Sunday, December 21, bring the whole family to walk through the manger scene at Washington Cathedral. Little ones can hold a baby lamb to their chest as the Biblical story comes alive with a live petting zoo. Meet Mary and Joseph characters, and take a picture with Santa as a keepsake.

Help your family to remember, “Christmas doesn't come from a store...maybe Christmas means a little bit more.”

Christmas Experience - Sunday Dec 21st and Dec 24thmarysboychild

What - An unforgettable Christmas experience.  On Sunday, take a walk through the first Christmas with a kids drama, petting zoo, and even pictures with Santa.

On Christmas Eve, celebrate Christmas with our beautiful Candlelight Services. Afterwards come enjoy snacks and sing carols around a bonfire while you wait for a ride in a horse drawn carriage.

Why you should bring someone - Both of these are perfect opportunities to bring family and friends.  Pray about whom you can bring to these Christmas Experiences.

Help your family to remember, "Christmas doesn't come from a store...maybe Christmas means a little bit more."

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Joy Conspiracy

Joy to the world, the Lord has come! To save and rescue, redeem and heal, restore and repair, and give life.  This year we want the world to know the good news.  That's what the Joy Conspiracy is all about.


postcard-4inx6in-h-frontAnother year is nearly over and we wanted to thank you for being apart of Washington Cathedral. We hope you and your family have an Merry Christmas and wish you a very Happy New Year!


What - We are throwing Christmas parties throughout the community and  spreading the joy. Most parties will include caroling, Christmas stories, Christmas games, and yummy treats.  Each party will be different depending on the location. Some might include a visit from Santa Clause and cookie decorating or spreading Christmas joy through Christmas carols.

Where - We have selected a few places to go and serve from hospitals to shelters and even to the mall.

When - We are having these parties throughout the month of December.

Why - To share the good news of Christmas.  We want the families of our church to be ambassadors of the love of Christ all the world.


So check out the flyer and contact us for more information about a specific party.  Stop by the connection center in our foyer for all the details of Contact Rey at rey.diaz@wacathedral.org