The High Value of Wisdom


For wisdom is far more valuable than rubies. Nothing you desire can compare with it. Proverbs 8:11

Think about those words written by Solomon thousands of years ago. Really let yourself sit with this proverb.

“Nothing you desire can compare with it...”

What are some things we desire that some how end up having higher value, than wisdom? Money? Job title? Success of our kids? Educational degrees?

It’s easy to go through our week and not intentionally think about our need for wisdom. Maybe the reasons why is we tend to lean on our experience or smarts. Both play a role yet, neither are enough by themselves. Wisdom is the meshing of our intelligence, experience and connection with God all wrapped in one.

The two most common questions I’ve heard regarding wisdom are:

1. Isn’t wisdom just doing what the Bible says?

2. How does one attain wisdom?

The first answer is no. No, because not all circumstances we face in life are specifically dealt with in the Bible. Wisdom must go beyond knowing and doing the Word of God (although this is always the starting point). God’s wisdom also includes a sensitive and mature judgement where and how a situation needs to be worked out when the Bible isn’t clear on what we are to do.

The second is simple. ASK!  Scripture tells us that if anyone lacks wisdom, they should ask God and he will give it generously (James 1:5). This is a promise, friends!

Placing a high value on wisdom isn’t easy, but how much richer, happier and healthier our lives are when we seek wisdom and apply it. Let’s all give it a try this week. I doubt any of us will regret it!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Rex

Living Word


Written by Fiona Monaghan Ever find yourself looking at your horoscope? Or taking an internet quiz claiming it can tell what job would be perfect for you or what your name really means for your life? It is fun and sometimes a bit silly but it speaks to our desire to find direct and personal guidance in our lives.

Iteenager-reading-Biblen this series “Five Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith” we’ve been looking at the ways God uses to grow our faith. The first way is the teaching we receive from God’s Word for our personal lives. The Bible is called the “Living Word” because, if you put it to the test, it will have relevance for your day to day lives, just as if it was written personally for you.

It is full of promises, direction, and encouragement. For example, the Book of Psalms, written thousands of years ago, is full of the entire spectrum of emotion. Written mainly by King David it has something for every mood we experience ranging from desperation (Psalm 25) to anger (Psalm 4) to joy (Psalm 95). Proverbs has words of encouragement like:

Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don’t try to figure out everything on your own. Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; he’s the one who will keep you on track. Proverbs 3:5-6 (The Message)

Fools vent their anger, but the wise quietly hold it back. Proverbs 29:11

Ecclesiastes has the time honored verse about “a time for every season…” How to raise children, how to treat people, how to get along in business, how to handle our finances and our emotions…it all can be found in the Bible!

Isn’t that cool? There are so many verses that speak to your heart and mind. They give comfort, advice, and guidance. Truly a Living Word and much better than a horoscope or a buzzfeed quiz.

Give it a try! Start reading with an open heart. Take a moment to really pay attention to the practical teaching God provides us in His word. I think you will be surprised at how relevant it can be for your life today.

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From This Day Forward I will Fight Fair


Pastor Tim continues the series "From This Day Forward". He delved into Proverbs and challenged us to fight fair in all parts of our lives by avoiding the seven things that God hates.


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The Time Machine


This week, Pastor Rey prepared us for the new year with the week long series- The Time Machine. He took us into Proverbs, challenging us to be wiser- to step into the Time Machine- as we begin 2014.

It’s never good to have favorites when it comes to kids.  While I was a teacher in Honduras, I would always say, “They are my second favorite.”  Everyone was my second favorite. But really I did have a favorite.  It’s a young man named Douglas.

I met Douglas a kid in 2004.  He worked in the garbage dump with his parents and older siblings.  I was at his sixth grade graduation.  And this December, I was at his High School graduation.  I invested more in him than in any of the others because I sensed something in his heart.  He is a bigger boy with the tough guy reputation but he has the most sensitive, generous, and pure hearts. I was so proud of him at his graduation.  You can probably tell by the picture.  Maoly, the girl pictured next to him, also graduated and is another one of my favorites.


Douglas and Maoly are witnesses of God’s wonderful grace.  Living martyrs. They are devoted followers of Jesus.  They have escaped the garbage dump.  They have escaped the many temptation of their communities.  They have fought, and with God's help, have overcome insurmountable odds.  Now they are both on their way to university.  They are already agents of transformation in their communities.

The cycle of poverty has been broken.  The power of sin has been broken.  It’s complete.  It’s done.  It’s finished.  This is the abundant life Jesus promised.


After graduation, I found pictures of that sixth grade graduation of the senior class.  Their class was three times as big- but only Antonio, Douglas and Maoly made it through High School.

One is a gang member, currently in jail.

Another works as basically an indentured servant.

Two are single parents raising their kids.

So although I rejoice with these two, part of me is broken for the ones who have fallen.  All of them had the same opportunities.  Some made wise choices.  Others made unwise choices.

I wondered, what if there had been a time machine back at their sixth grade graduation?  What if they could have gotten inside, gone forward, seen their High School graduation, college, future possibilities?  Then go back.  What choices would they have made? Anything different?  Of course.

You see, wisdom is a time machine.  Wisdom grants us access to God’s will.  Wisdom shows us which is the best path.  Wisdom leads to life.



Wisdom is a time machine and the wise make decisions based on the end.

It’s easy to see where these children in the garbage dump went wrong.  It’s not so easy to see where we go wrong in our own lives.  Which is why we need wisdom.  All of us need wisdom.

I have challenged the church to get into the time machine by reading a proverb everyday during the month of January.  On January first, we are all going to read Proverbs 1.

Will you join us?  Will you get in the time machine with us?

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