Discover Your Spiritual DNA

by Pastor Tim White

What a Big Win it was as we celebrated our love for our community, our nation, and the world. Anarchists, Republicans, Democrats, Green Party and everything in between joined together, not to say our nation is perfect, but to remember the love that we feel for our nation. And of course, Christians feel that way about every nation they live in. A dramatic moment was when Penelope Hernandez shared what it meant to her, a person who immigrated from Mexico, to grow to love her new country and watch her son, LG, learn English, make the Honor Roll, and join the Marines. After four years, he graduated at the top of his college engineering class and was installed as a Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. LG stayed around and enjoyed the meal at the Saturday night service and at the picnic on Sunday. He was able to visit with the people who have held up he and his family in prayer and will continue to lift them up throughout his career in the Marines. It was a great moment.

This weekend I will continue our series on: If you are alive then It is Time to Rebuild Your Dreams. I will share with you a message from the Gospel of John on: “Discover Your Spiritual DNA”.

Please join us. I believe you will find the sermon inspirational.

Your friend for the rest of your life,

Pastor Tim White