We All Need Easter

by Pastor Tim White

Imagine you and your family worshiping in the beautiful Spirit Falls Sanctuary as you watch Jesus come out of the tomb. A tomb which is in front of a beautiful waterfall. Soul stirring music, great acting and special effects and a story told by an old pastor for children, encouraging them to ask world-shaking questions that will affect the rest of their lives. I am sharing this vision with you on Holy Week, 2019 - not as a Lead-Pastor but as a fellow-follower of Jesus Christ. This group of Christ followers includes a wide mosaic of people. Our brothers and sisters are Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox not to mention those who follow Christ but are included in the none (the non-affiliated with any religion).

Easter is everything to the Christ Follower

1 Corinthians 15 points out that this statement is at the heart of the Good News of Jesus Christ. We are all fully human with broken hearts because of people we love who have passed on. We have our questions that need to be touched by a moment of faith. This is your moment – at the 9:30 am and 11:00 am Easter Services - and it is too important not to bring friends. What if Jesus were going to make an appearance, wouldn’t you feel like you needed to bring all your friends? Well this is the time to bring your friends because of the life-changing/world-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ.

David Fox is playing Jesus this year. I am so happy about what God is doing in and through David, Rosanna, Andres and Fernando Fox. They are all becoming more and more Christ-like every year. And know that you and your family will be touched by the re-enactment of the first Easter. The Choir and Praise Band will be at an all-time high. There will be Holy Communion served by Father Michael Fernandez at the close of each service. I call Pastor Michael Father not because he is one year older than I am but because he is proud of his Catholic roots and the fact that he was Altar Boy of the Year in the Archdiocese of Seattle. The drama team is full of young, exciting members of our church who have been working to improve our drama every year.

As always, there will be a delicious Easter Breakfast starting right after the 7:00 am Sunrise Service that our youth pastor Josh Zappone will be preaching at. The breakfast will last until the 11:00 am service starts. And afterwards, on top of the beautiful, grassy hill, there will be a giant Easter Egg Hunt with a Bounce House, a brief presentation of the Easter story and a large Easter Chicken posing for pictures with the kids.

Every church is born again at Easter and this has never been more true for Washington Cathedral. So, we need your help and prayers. And you need, like we all do, to have a great Easter experience.

Your friend for the rest of my life,

Pastor Tim White