Phase One of our new, church-wide campaign on ALL IN brings us to Belonging. The first opportunity for each of us to belong in a local church is a really big step. Most never really experience this step towards life blessing. You can try out a church, even for 35 years, and still miss the security and the rest of knowing that you belong. Isaiah Chapter 2 teaches about this big step. It shows how we must relax and trust in an organization of imperfect people and vast cultural differences. Only God can help unusual people to love one another and become the Family of Christ.

We had a great 35th Anniversary and thank you for your part in the astonishing history of Washington Cathedral! This week hear a testimony from someone who was really transformed by the love, acceptance and forgiveness they found in our fellowship. We have an amazing slideshow of the history of this great caring network. Also, be lifted by the vision of this body of Christ for the near future.

I know you will be encouraged and strengthened in your life from the worship this week. Strengthen your bond of belonging to a great organization who actually believe that-

“greater is he who is in you then he who is in the world.”

Your friend always,

Pastor Tim White