Remembering and Forgetting

We forget what we should remember, and we remember what we should forget.

That was a statement made last weekend when we looked at the First Step to Trust. Nahum 1:7 was the old prophet’s last challenge to the Neo Assyrian Empire just before they fell. When he, like Jonah had a generation previous, implored the greatest city of that time period, Nineveh, to trust God. And he added the radical, revolutionary idea that “God is good!” Also, the idea that “God knows who trusts him!” So, if we trust God and experience the forgiveness and boldness that only he who created us and can recreate us will provide, then we can focus on what we should remember and let go of those hurts that we should forget.

This week we move on to Step Two in our journey of moving deeper in trusting God. How do we specifically develop a strategy to trust him more? Does the Bible have anything to say about this? Yes, it does. And I want to spend 20 minutes this weekend inspiring you to learn, change and grow in your capacity to trust. Boy do I need to hear my own sermon this week! I think I will be there because I can’t wait to find out what I am going to say. Will you join me?

Your friend for the rest of my life,

Pastor Tim