There is Hope

by Pastor Tim White

When it comes to anxiety and worry — we all have experience. Some may develop ulcers, high blood pressure, panic attacks, lack of confidence, paralyzing fear of crowds or failure. Some may develop depression, phobias, compulsive behavior, or so many other manifestations of fear.

The good news is — there is hope. That is the message of Jesus Christ. He is not going to leave this age of anxiety unchallenged. The Bible is full of references to fear, anxiety and worry. And in each of those hundreds of references it frames a practical trusting response plan. We have so much available to help us and modern medicine can be a part of the solution.

Last week I began a four-week series based on our church’s life verse, Isaiah 61. (Which is the life verse of Jesus.) We started with the first four verses of Isaiah 61, taking a lesson from Jesus on not trying too hard or too little.

This week we move to the verses at the end of chapter. In these verses we see how finding our God-designed identity can set us free from self-criticism or the hurtful words of our peers. Please join me for this insightful message.

Your friend for the rest of my life,

Pastor Tim White