Shadow of the Most High

By Pastor Tim White

One of the most encouraging passages in all of Scripture is Psalm 91. It tells us that God is our fortress and strength.  It displays a God who comes and rescues us in the midst of the messiness of our broken lives. I’m calling this message – “The Rescuer.”  No, it is not The Rescuers that cute little Disney movie where animals came to the rescue in that animated film. But of the Living God under whose shadow we can choose to live.  Shadow of the Most High loses some of its appeal in the Pacific Northwest. But imagine a desert whose heat saps you of your strength, your courage, your peace and confidence. Maybe it’s 117 degrees like it was when I was in Jericho. A shadow sounds about as encouraging as you can get in that situation. Do you know Psalm 91 expresses God’s wisdom when you are filled with anxiety and depression?

Don’t miss this week’s “song-speech” on one of the most beautiful passages of scripture. Yes – not a sermon but an innovative idea I call a “song-speech.”  Pastor Eliot will share Point #1 – “The God Who Rescues.” He will share a beautiful song from his heart which will minister to your heart like the harp of David. I will share Point #2 –“The Difference Between I Want To and I Am Going To.” And I will bless you by not singing. Then Pastor Rhonda will share Point #3 – “God’s Secret of Satisfaction in Our Lives Right Now.” And she will lift our hearts as she concludes with a beautiful solo.  Please join us.

Your friend for the rest of my life,

Pastor Tim White