Light of Christmas Peace

by Pastor Tim White

We were enjoying a particularly inspirational home church meeting at the “Diamonds in the Rough” TLC group last Tuesday at a home in Clearview near Snohomish. It had been a short, dark day. It seemed like morning light broke in on this rainy day about 11:30 am and a dark storm rolled in about 2:30 pm…now that is a short, dark day. We were laughing and sipping blueberry lemonade with our Bibles open in our laps. To hear the voice of Mark Buchanan about the Light of Christmas was so soothing with his soft, baritone voice resonating such sincerity. Carol Gerzsenye shared some insights that I had never thought of, and Karen Kammerer shared boldly and openly about how these verses applied to her busy life.

I was moved to go off-script and asked, “what have you learned about what kind of Christmas you need to really recharge you emotionally and spiritually?” The room went silent because that question brought up so many other questions. What could we learn this year anew, about the love, light and power of the incarnation of Jesus as a baby in a manger? What were our best Christmas memories and why? And could we be pro-active in creating the kind of Christmas peace that we really need to restore our best faith? Yes! We all admitted surprisingly, how we thought of Christmas as being done for us. But have we learned anything at all about how the whole world needs the peace of Christmas?

This week I will be sharing a 20-minute message that, I dare say, we all need to hear.

The Miracle of Peace

(How you can experience the kind of Christmas Light you need to lift your whole life.)

Won’t you join us Saturday at 5:30 pm or Sunday at 9:30 am or 11:00 am to reach out to God and ask him to help us experience the Light of Christmas Peace?