Considerate Love


by Pastor Becca McCary

"We who are strong must be considerate of those who are sensitive about things like this. We must not just please ourselves" Romans 15:1

Why is it so hard to get along?!! Most of us feel like we are generally kind, good people, and yet, so many relationships fall apart. In the book of Romans, Paul has some very practical advice for relationships: Be considerate!

Here are 10 rules of harmony found in Romans chapter 14:

  1.  Accept others (14:1)
  2. Don't argue (14:1)
  3. Don't look down on others (14:3)
  4. Let God be the judge (14:4)
  5. Stop condemning each other (14:13)
  6. Act in love (14:15)
  7. Aim for harmony (14:19)
  8. Don't cause another person to stumble by what you do (14:20)
  9. Follow your convictions (14:23)
  10. Don't just try to please yourself, be considerate! (15:1)

Romans encourages us to take a hard look at our relationships, especially our unharmonious ones, and consider how to be easier to be around. If there is someone you're having trouble getting along with, check out Paul's 10 rules of harmony. Most of us know the good we ought to do, sometimes we just need the practical reminder to reflect on our own actions and then actually live them out.

Take out our phone or a clock and time yourself for 2 minutes. Try, for just 120 seconds, to ask God if here is anything he wants to say to your right now. There may be some practical wisdom God is trying to get through to you in how to better love those around you.


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