Be Ready


It is our job to make the adjustments necessary in our daily walk so we are prepared for any assignment. We don’t know what will be required in days to come, but the prepping, the studying to be ready for it, starts now. This happens in the quiet, thoughtful places. We won’t have time to pull it all together at the time of crisis. Have the “tanks filled”, all preparations made and the communication lines established, then be readyand on the alert.

This was addressed in a sermon I heard on the disciple, Peter. At the time of his denial in the courtyard, Peter had been given the opportunity to “tank up”. Peter was with Jesus in the garden and three times Jesus came to the disciples and admonished them to pray. Luke 22:46. 

In essence, things were going to get messy, they needed to “stoke the fires and get strength from the Father.” Jesus did. He was human and God but still needed that time of prayer. How much more do we, being fully human, need to pray?

“The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak” Mark 14:38   We will be tested and it’s through difficulty that we know what lies in our hearts and what needs to be sifted out. “The chain of command is clear. Satan can do nothing outside of God’s domain and God uses satan to advance the cause of His kingdom.” Our assignment is to be ready and primed for anything. It is not at the time of battle to get our equipment in working order, but to have it at the ready all the time.

We make it our aim… to be well pleasing to Him. 1 Corinthians 5:9