Breathe In...Breathe Out...

Sometimes it’s all too easy to forget the mystery in the Bible. That’s not to say God is mysterious, as he’s been fully revealed to us in the person of Jesus. The Bible? Different story... Psalms THE COLLECTION BannerThroughout the Old Testament, we see various writers using strong symbolic imagery to describe the presence and works of God. David is one of those writers. In Psalm 39, we read that he’s wrestling with his own life, recognizing that his time here on earth is short. His exact words are, “my life is but a breath”...

Breath. A central ingredient to life.

People like Moses, Solomon and David all believed that when they inhaled- they received the presence of God. Kinda mysterious, right?

Here’s a little exercise for you. Next time you’re alone and praying; be thoughtful about your breathing. Breathe in...breathe out. Know that God created you from His Spirit and that His peace, comfort, grace and strength are always accessible. He’s a good Father. A loving God.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Rex