You Gave It All, No Questions Asked

Atonement Christ One of our Administrative Assistant's, Fiona Monaghan, loves to play with words and ideas. This poem was inspired by the question 'What Is Easter About? '

Atonement (At one ment) was the purpose for Jesus death and resurrection; to be put back into right relationship with our Heavenly Father.


What did it take to stand so tall while hate piled up around? They spat and mocked the Son of God while no wrong in Him was found. You came, this very path to walk it had been planned above; the Father put it in the works in order to show His love. To love those people He had made who’d strayed so far from home He loved them with a lasting love He’d do it all to bring them home. You never wavered from Your task You trod each path until the path would lead to Calvary where your precious blood was spilt. To cover sin, it was so shed the sin-debt to fulfill; You gave it all, no questions asked Atonement paid in full.

Easter and Christmas are two times that Jesus' name is spoken freely, more than any other time in the year. Those two times changed history forever. Something supernatural happened between man and God at those times. Christmas was God coming down to live among us. Easter provided a way for us to live forever with God. Atonement is the payment being made on our behalf. This Easter make a point to take time to meditate on Atonement and what it does in our lives.


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