Wise Men

Anticipating Christmas


I love the scene from the classic Christmas movie, “Christmas Vacation”, where Clark Griswold has spent an entire day hanging an obscene amount of lights on his house. He’s gathered the entire family outside in the freezing snow to witness the glorious display of his lights. The Griswold family, like most everyone’s has their fair share of characters and bits of dysfunction, and it’s on full display out on the front yard as Clark excitedly plugs in his cords.

The Griswold’s don’t quite share Clark’s excitement and anticipation about the light display. Some are angry because they have to stand out in the cold...most are indifferent to the whole experience. But Clark...Clark is gleaming with anticipation, wonder and excitement over his light display!

Most people are a little bit familiar with the story of the 3 wise men who visit baby Jesus. The story (Matthew 2:1-12) begins with them seeing the bright star and and asking “Where is the newborn king of the Jews?” Their anticipation and excitement is met with anger from King Herod and indifference from others.

Sound familiar? Not everyone gets excited about light at Christmas...

Sometimes it’s challenging to anticipate and be excited for Christmas. Many times the busyness of the season causes us to miss the light all together. Our post-Christian society generally looks upon the light of Christmas with general indifference as sort of an “it’s just another Christmas season” belief.

Are you seeing the light this Christmas? Are you able to slow down enough to let the anticipation of the story reach deep into your heart and renew your hope and faith in the Messiah?

Upon following the star-light with great anticipation, the wise men came upon Jesus and they worshipped him. What happened next is not to be overlooked.

Join me this Sunday as we explore the story of the wise men, the experience they had in worshipping the “light of the world”, what happened next and how we can experience Christmas in a fresh, transforming way.

See you Sunday and make sure to invite your friends!

Grace and Peace.

Pastor Rex