Who is The President Elect in Your Life?


I woke up Wednesday, November 9, 2016, shocked to find out that Donald Trump had won the election to lead the United States of American for the next four years.  Actually, I wasn’t shocked at all. I had stayed up and watched the election the night before.  It was interesting for me to see this election.  I love to watch history.  That does not mean I don’t feel compassion for all the people whose hearts are broken and whose lives have been crushed through events in history.  I guess I love history because I love people and I love God.   In ways that surprise us - God works through the fallible people and events that make up our lives. I write this devotion not to take a political side, although I have strong political opinions.  I write this in hopes that an event that is greater than history will take place in your life.  That event is that Jesus Christ becomes the President Elect of our lives.  That is huge.  That is not just a onetime choice, but a lifetime way of living through hardships and times we don’t understand, through victories and defeats.

 Give unto Caesar the things that are Caesars and give unto God the things that are God’s.  Mark 12:17 

 This verse gives Christians a formula to focus on changing the world.  We are always going to be good citizens, unless an injustice takes place worthy of our taking a stand against.  There is no greater love than this, than when a man would lay down his life for a friend.  John 15:13   We cannot stand by without acting courageously if a holocaust were going to take place.  Yes, we can be change agents as we reach and touch one life at a time or -  build one church at a time to change this world with love.  We have a lot of work ahead for us.

 I pray for President Elect Donald Trump.  I pray for his family, his success and his authentic spiritual growth. I pray for those who have shared with me how shocked and disappointed they are at the election. I pray for candidate Clinton, her family and all Democrats.  There is a lot of fear and division in our nation right now.   That is why  I am most excited that Jesus Christ is the President Elect of my life.   

 Your friend for the rest of my life,

 Tim White