False gods fail, God never does


Written by Fiona Monaghan Can we trust God to handle all the details in life? In the story of Micah (Judges 17&18) we see a man who trusted idols and things of this world to guide him. It is a common theme in the Old Testament.

God asks to be trusted and though the Israelites believed in the Almighty God, they still felt the need to have the local shrines and gods at their disposal for the everyday care of things.

Do we do the same in our world on a different level? We put bank accounts, education, people’s expectations of us etc., ahead of God and these things can become “little gods” to us.

False gods fail. That is their only truth. – Pastor Rex Hamilton

WE have created an idol when we let family, spouse, our busy schedules, or work become more important to us than God. God wants to be everything to us.

PrioritiesHe doesn’t want to be an afterthought- turned to only when everything else has failed. He wants to be first and foremost in our lives. He wants to be Provider, Savior, Best Friend…all of it. When He is truly in that place then we have the ability to prioritize all others in life correctly.

Putting God first allows you to be a better parent because you recognize it doesn’t all depend on you. Be a better friend and allow God’s leading to show you how to treat friends and be supportive and not enabling.

If we live from the place of seeking God, then all others in our life will be taken care of appropriately. This was all God wanted from His people. He wanted them to seek Him with all heart, body, soul and mind and not depend on the ‘household gods’ for the everyday needs of life.

When God is made first in all things it is both crucial and profitable. How easily we slip into the mode of thinking that it is expected of us to do this by ourselves and only rely on Him for the ‘big stuff’.

Our part is to be obedient to His directions for our life. Patience and wisdom come with seeking Him, and knowing His ways through reading His Guidebook. This week, when you first open your eyes in the morning ask God to direct your steps today and together accomplish all that is set before you. Don’t just say it, mean it and watch God work in your week.


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