What You Talkin' About _____?


One of my favorite childhood shows was Different Strokes. In each episode there was sure to be the line from Arnold that helped make the show so famous. That’s right, I know you remember it.... “What you talkin’ about Willis?”

If I’m honest, sometimes I hear people say certain statements about God that cause me to say to myself...”What you talkin’ about Christian?” 

My favorite phrase is, “God only helps those who help themselves”.  Really?!?  Do we really believe this? Yet, I’m sure that if you’re reading this, you have heard someone say this at some point in your life.

The above statement is a myth. A lie. And it’s hurting people’s ability to believe in an all-powerful God.

Why? Because it’s simply not true. Look at John 5:1-6, for example. Is the lame man helpless? Yes. Does Jesus heal him despite his helplessness? Yes.

Join me this Sunday as I explore this fascinating story of Jesus’s encounter with a helpless man. Maybe you’ve heard me say this before, that when we read the stories in the gospels, we have to ask ourselves...”Who am I in this story?”.  Well, this is surely one of those stories.

You see...we all find ourselves stuck in life at some point, or another. Physically, spiritually, financially and relationally. ALL of us.  The question Jesus asks the lame man in John 5 is a very important question for us to answer as well.

Grace and Peace

Pastor Rex