The Rest of the Story… Deborah, the prophetess and leader of the Israelites


Written by Fiona Monaghan What do we have in common with the Old Testament Israelites today? Probably not living in tents or measuring our wealth by the number of camels we own, but we do face a same choice as we go about our lives: Do we choose to obey or disobey a direction from God?

We-Must-Trust-And-ObeyOne of the stories that I have recently been studying is the story of Deborah in Judges. At the beginning of her story the Israelite people were following the familiar cycle in the Old Testament, falling into disobedience once again and had begun to worship local gods forsaking their allegiance to the one true God of Moses. As a result, they had been allowed by God to be oppressed under Caananite rule for the past 20 years.

Deborah was a Judge and Prophetess during this time. The people of Israelite would come to her and have their local and personal disputes settled. She would listen to the people and in turn listen to God. Using the wisdom given to her by God she would these issues. There was no written text to follow at this time; so what she spoke was purely that which she received from the Lord.

One day God told her it was time for an uprising on the part of Israel and that a man named Barak was the one to lead the revolt. However, Barak wasn’t too keen on the idea as Sisera, the general of the Canaanites, was much better equipped with 900 bronze chariots. Barak entreated Deborah to come with him. She complied but pointed out that it wouldn’t look very good if God delivered Sisera into the hands of woman and that he that needed to lead. Deborah knew that God had already planned out how the uprising would go, but He needed the people to believe and make it happen. He needed to use the arms, legs, and bodies of Israelites to do the work- to be obedient. They could say to God “go ahead and do what you need to do” but He works through people, using their arms and their legs, their hearts and their minds.

So what do we have in common with the Israelites? We have an opportunity to trust God and do great things. Do we trust God by being his hands and feet to make happen what He already has arranged OR do we continue in the years of bondage, frustration and unhealthy choices that are around us and within our families?

He already has a plan. He knows what it will take to bring it about. You need to choose whether you will fit into his plan and be the hands and feet in order to make it happen or go about life haphazard and wandering and wondering what happened. Make a decision what you are going to do.

Choose this day who you will serve. Make a difference in your life and in your family’s life. Get to know God personally and ask Him what he has for you to do. What it is that is needed to bring about change within yourself and those you care about? He will share His plan with you if you ask.

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