Carpe Diem (The Love Revolt Now)


This Sunday is not just a four-day weekend it is our opportunity to honor our country as Christians have done for many generations.  Let me ask you a question -  In this age of cynicism, who will be the ones who will bring peace, unity, authentic conversation between the ever-contrasting sides of conflict within our nation?  (Not to mention the dangerous world that we live in.)  That was the task before Paul and Barnabas as they set out on the first ever Christian Rock Tour of the world.  I call it a Rock Tour because they were frequently stoned.  Not stoned like rock stars might be, but people actually threw stones at them.  I’m glad that when I have a sermon you disagree with you don’t throw stones at me.  At least, not yet.  

Paul and Barnabas’ trip was more than a missionary trip, as it was once called.  The word “Missionary” has been intentionally changed by culture to mean something horrible, or at very least, watered down like milk toast.  If you have ever read the Book of Acts, you know that Christ followers who are on the move have little resemblance to modern concept of missionaries.  They represented a Revolution of Love.  

Revolution was a dangerous word then just like it is now. So, to make his purpose clear, Jesus explained that his revolution was not about becoming king and ruler.  His was a revolution of love and not force. A revolution that would change the world.  Whether it came to slavery, the concept of women, the family, or even how and when force was used, Christians have and will continue to have misunderstandings about this revolution of love.  When they do have those misunderstandings, their actions most often cause more problems than good.  There are even many who would like to hijack our revolution of love for political gain or profit.  Because of this, we need now, more than ever, authentic Christ-followers to pave the way in this nation and our world by reaching the hearts and minds of those who can only be reached by conversations of love.  

This Sunday, we are going to give our first ever Medal of Faith and Freedom Award to a hero from our church. It will be a touching moment.  If you like a patriotic service, go to the 9:30 time of worship.  We will have the Color Guard present the flag; we will honor our service men and women as the choir presents “Tribute to the Armed Forces; there will music of faith and freedom.  If you enjoy a different style of patriotism in worship, the 11:00 am service will be a better fit for you.  I will be preaching the same sermon in all the services.  On Saturday night after the service, you can enjoy Klondike Bars, which of course is the most patriotic ice cream bar ever made.  

Sunday at 12:30 is our “I Love America” Potluck Picnic so bring your best fried chicken, salad or dessert to share.  You know the rule of churches is to bring twice as much as you normally cook because we want to have a table that is open to those who don’t bring anything.  There will be bounce houses for the kids and fun games for all ages, plus a Western themed photo booth for family pictures. 

Your Friend For The Rest Of My Life,

Pastor Tim White