Get Back Up

by Pastor Tim White

I was waiting and visiting with a good friend as he was getting ready to go to glory. That might sound strange to you, but in my world, it is a vivid depiction of this event. We were laughing and sharing stories as we were waiting for the moment that was coming - he would be passing on to heaven. Finally, he looked up at me as we shared this moment of friendship, and his voice, deep and full of character, said “well it’s been quite a party hasn’t it?” I replied with the same expression in my eyes, just as he started to change the subject - “Yea, it has been quite a party.” I could see and feel the glory of this moment as we looked back on years of adventures with all the amazing victories and defeats. And he did go to glory. Anyone that entered that hospital room right then would have seen, tangibly, that moment of glory.

How? Why? Because my friend had chosen courageously many years ago to get in the Great Game. He was no spectator; he was a full participant in everything that matters in life.

We have been studying from Hebrews 11 - The Faith Chapter and learning about how we can get in the Game of Life.

We conclude our series this week on “How to Get Back Up Again.” We are all going to get knocked down at some point because life is a contact sport. To be in the game is not for the faint of heart. This is an essential skill to learn - the art of getting back up again. Please join us as we move forward in our ‘getting back up again’ skills.

Let me remind you that on the first weekend in October we will be having a Big 35 Year Anniversary Celebration of Washington Cathedral. I have received over one hundred congratulations to our church for this our 35th Anniversary! It is going to be a big party and we would love for you to come.

Your friend for the rest of my life.

Pastor Tim