Wild Love Wins


By Pastor Tim White Wild Love Wins  (Love me, don’t leave me - overcoming the fear of abandonment) - that is the title of my sermon on one of the most beautiful and most powerful chapters in the Bible - Romans Chapter 8.  This will be our focus as we study this passage. Every person needs love. Our biggest failures, addictions and twisted self-defeating behaviors come from deeply imbedded insecurities in a desperate need for love.

When God’s love is too tame, too adapted to our peers, too misdirected, it can end up being the drive that makes someone use heroin instead of prayer, friendship and love.  It can cause someone to become a mass-murderer in some sick need to get attention.  It can be why someone becomes a prostitute or a john.  It can cause us to be so uneasy that we miss the poise and peace of a reconciled friendship with Jesus Christ.

We all fear abandonment, some more than others.   And that fear is sometimes a self-fulfilling prophecy. At other times, we face life at its most brutal and we are just trying to be survivors.  And yet, Romans Chapter 8 tells us about a love that makes us more than conquerors as we soak in the love of a God who promises us that nothing can separate us from His love.

We know that we all need this message this week. It is going to be a lifting, encouraging, and inspiring service as someone you know, shares an unbelievable testimony of what God can do in this part of our life.  I will see you there this weekend. Bring a friend.  It might be just what they need to hear also.

Your friend for the rest of my life,

Pastor Tim White