God Our Rescue


Written by Pastor Rex Hamilton Psalm91:4Since becoming a father 11 years ago, not a single day has passed where I haven’t asked God to protect my kids and our family. Sometimes it’s a quick simple prayer, other times, I find some solitude and spend time asking God to protect my family in very specific ways.

These have always been some of my most confident prayers because I know based on Psalm 91 that it’s God’s nature to protect and rescue his people. But...I’m not naive to think bad things can’t, or won’t happen. We live in a very broken world...

Here’s a little faith exercise to put into practice this week:

Spend a few minutes every day by reading Psalm 91 and then write out specific areas of your life that you need God to either protect or rescue. The point? Wait and watch God come through on His promises! Sounds so simple, right? But how easily we can get off track and forget who God says He is, and just how much He desires our complete dependence upon Him.

He’s a good, good Father who loves us deeply and wants to show Himself to us through His word.

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