Strong Gentleness


Written by Pastor Rex Hamilton Changes that HealA couple years back, I read a fascinating book by Dr. Henry Cloud called, Changes That Heal. In it, he speaks to the notion that one cannot be a healthy person without the presence of both Truth and Grace. He states that without truth and grace being lived out on a daily basis a person cannot be emotionally healthy.

When it comes following Jesus, the same can be said about Strength and Gentleness. Both work together to help form our faith and trust in Jesus, they drive our ability to be a credible witness in our world.

Look at the life of Jesus. Countless times people confronted him and every single time he exhibits strength through his gentleness. He never backed down from people, but he never pointed a finger in their face. I wish I could say that about myself!

Today, as you read this- ask yourself if your thoughts, actions or words have been marked with strong gentleness. Be truthful with yourself. And then show yourself some grace. I know Jesus will...