Your last is never your last

Written by Pastor Tim White Rey’s last message was not his last. Sunday was a moving day as Pastor Rex and his wife, Christalle, led us in a time to launch the Diaz family into their new global ministry based in Dallas, Texas. It showed how our church is in good hands with a group of young, gifted, gracious, fun pastors rising up. It also demonstrated how our church is more than a church- it is a movement.

Dr. Rey Diaz is going to work with Orphan Outreach, trying to solve the world problems of orphans on the streets. He is working on the solution of radical terrorism. Because terrorist find many of their recruits from the Hell holes that these children are forced to live in the midst of these monstrous slums. Orphan Outreach is unique because they collaborate with practically every other Christian orphan society to help with building orphanages, setting standards for their Christian care, working with local churches each time so that Jesus gets the glory, working with adoptive parents, foster parents and lobbying governments into setting higher standards for orphanages. Rey will continue to preach both around the world and when he visits Washington Cathedral in November for a special Orphan Sunday.

Your Last is never your lastThe point I want to make to you today is your last sermon is never your last. The apostle Paul said in Philippians 1:6, “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Thursday, I visited Elling Halvorson for the last time in the hospital. We had our last devotion. But it wasn’t our last because he’s out of the hospital looking better than I have ever seen him. His mind was sharp as he held a business meeting at the hospital with many of the leaders of Boeing. As we prayed together with his amazing daughter Brenda, who is the president of Papillion Air lines, we knew that God has the best yet to come ahead of him. Here is my point.

Your last is never your last if you put your effort in God’s hands.

Jesus put it this way, “I will be with you always even to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20a) Our work and our prayers are eternal and continue as long as God is God. So when I preach my last sermon it won’t be my last. Little kids will still listen to the bible stories we put on CD long after I am gone. My books will be read by those that love me long after I am gone. My sermons will be preached by preachers that I have taught as a professor in college and seminary. My discipleship will continue in the lives of people all around the world. Why because it isn’t my work it is God’s and he is eternal. Love is eternal. So your last is never your last. Get it. Get positive because today is a new day to be lived with the thrill of faith in Jesus Christ working through you.