Bittersweet News


Rey and Elise met while studying missiology at Fuller Theological Seminary. Eventually Rey received his doctorate in Intercultural Studies with a focus on children at risk. Together, Rey and Elise moved to Honduras to help build the Amor, Fe, y Esperanza project alongside the Honduran leaders. They were critical in the growth of the project from a few children under the trees to the amazing community development project it is today servicing a nursery, k-12, college grads, adult education, clinic, cafeteria, and church. On their return to Washington, Rey continued developing the program along with consulting with many other projects in Honduras, Central America, Kenya, Haiti, and India. T4T has grown working with over 40 churches and non-profits around the United States.

10495327_10204848750151915_6773930071144767128_oFor the past two years, Rey has technically worked part-time as a pastor and part time at Together 4 Transformation, our church’s mission program. His heart has been torn between the needs of the church and the needs of the programs around the world. And he feels it’s an unsustainable solution.

After about two years of praying and processing, Rey has decided to transition into fulltime global orphan care. Although it is with a very heavy heart, they feel this will be the best use of their time, energy and resources. Most importantly, they feel God is calling them to focus on children at risk. At Orphan Outreach, Rey will be able to direct all his focus on global orphan care. The transition will take place at the end of June. As part of his new role at Orphan Outreach, he has the flexibility to continue leading Together 4 Transformation along with the team.

Washington Cathedral is proud of Rey and Elise. We have always measured the success of our church as the success of our people. Success is not in size or fame or anything like that form of measurement. Success is when our people find God’s will and pursue it. Since our inception we have sent people all around to follow God’s plan for their lives. We are a sending church because we are out to build the greatest caring network the world has ever seen.

We have a great core of young leaders at Washington Cathedral that will continue serving our church and community including Pastor Ben, Pastor Becca, and Pastor Josh. We are also searching for a pastor to bring onto our team that will take over many of the responsibilities Rey was taking care of.

Washington Cathedral has a bright future as God continues to bring young leaders into the church.