The Core | We're A Servant Church


Here's part 4 The Core sermon series.Pastor Rey also gives us some background to how God taught him to be a servant.

Why We're a Serving Church:

"I was tested for the “gifted” program in fifth grade and didn't qualify. I was tested again in the sixth grade and didn't qualify again. The last time I was tested was in the seventh grade, but again I failed. I was young but still remember thinking –

“I’m not gifted,”

“I’m not good enough,”

and “I failed again.”

To be told “you are not gifted” by the authorities was a hard thing to swallow. Yet I continued. And at the end of that school year, I began to accept another authority in my life. God. And God had a different message than my teachers and principals and counselors. His message was very clear – “You are in the gifted program.” And that’s the message I started to embrace. I started to believe. I started to trust my Heavenly Father. I asked Him for help.
I started doing well in school. Really well. Way better than before. Way better than anyone could have imagined. And I continued doing better the more I embraced God’s message, “You are in the gifted program.” Eventually I graduated with amazing grades and test scores. I went to University. A little part of me expected that I’d hit a wall and come crashing down to earth. But I trusted my Heavenly Father. “You are in the gifted program.” In the University I excelled and graduated Summa Cum Laude. I had the same results at Graduate School, and during my Doctoral work.

And after all those years, after all those degrees, I finally believe that I'm in the gifted program, but for what? To serve. To serve God. To serve people. To serve my Kingdom.

It doesn’t really make sense. All that work. All that sacrifice so I can help others. But Jesus taught us the Greatness Principle – greatness is found in serving. Jesus said, “The greatest among you will be a servant.” So I was in the gifted program learning how to be come great. How to become a servant.

Which brings me to you. You were made for greatness. I believe that because that’s the message I find repeatedly in the Bible. God has made you for good works. You are God’s Masterpiece. You are in the gifted program. And you will tap into your greatness when you begin to serve. Can you believe that? Will you believe that?

Find your greatness. Where can you be great? Where can you leverage your gifts, talent, and treasure for others? For God’s Kingdom?