Global Outreach


Together For Transformation (T4T) is Washington Cathedral’s global outreach.  It’s extending the great caring network to the least of these. T4T currently supports projects in two of the most desperate places on earth. 

La Paz, Honduras

We are supporting two projects in Honduras reaching out to the abandoned and neglected children of La Paz.  Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Latin America with nearly two-thirds of the nation's population living below the poverty line.  UNICEF estimates there are over 170,000 orphans in Honduras.  

San Jose Orphanage in La Paz is a home run by a former nun, Sister Edith.  She takes in abandoned children, mostly rescued from abuse, drug and alcohol situations.  These children are given a second chance at being a part of a caring family and pursuing their education.  

NiCo is a comprehensive community-based program located in La Paz.  The families of these children are living in extreme poverty.  NiCo provides a quality education and support services for the children and their families.

Nairobe, Kenya

In the Kenya, we work in one of the largest slums in the world housing more than 1.2 million people where mob violence, child trafficking, and the AIDS pandemic are everyday life. There is a school called Patmos for over a 100 orphans and vulnerable children. Patmos provides a safe haven and opportunity for orphans and vulnerable children to have access to a Christian education, healthcare and a daily meal.


All of the projects we support are "education centers" which provide a safe environment amidst a very dangerous slum for these children to dream.  In addition to their educational needs, these centers also provide for their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

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"Festival of Miracles" is our way of raising money to send major support to our mission projects in both Honduras and Kenya.  This years Auction is on Saturday, May, 20th with doors opening at 6:30 pm in the ReCreation Center on the campus of Washington Cathedral at 12300 Woodinville-Redmond Rd in Redmond, WA.  You can go tour our auction website by Clicking Here to get more details, donate to the auction or to sign up to be a part of this yearly fun event.